Two-row potato planters Gemini (distance between rows: 67,5 – 80; 75 – 90 cm)

Two-row potato planters Gemini are designed to work with 65 HP / 70 HP tractors equipped with three point suspension system, cat II and III. The planters are perfect for medium-sized farms. 

The main components of the machine, such as a tank with a capacity of 800 / 870 dm3, technical support platform with steps and railing, coulters or ridging discs are mounted on the machine’s solid frame.

The advantage of the planter is the smooth adjustment of distance between rows in the range of 67,5 cm to 80 cm or of 75 cm to 90 cm

The double-row belt with buckets is driven by a chain transmission. The use of 8 chain wheels in the transmission allowed to obtain distance in row in the range of 17,5 cm to 45 cm. Markers allow for planting depth in the range of 4 cm to 12 cm. The ridge is formed by coulters or ridging discs, additionally you can use attachment for ridge forming. 

The planter is equipped, as a standard, with rear road lighting, which allows for safe transport on public roads. 

The planter can be additionally equipped with bucket, allowing to plant small-size or large-size of potatoes.

An additional equipment that increases the efficiency and economy of the machine is a fertilizer dispenser (metal or acid resistant steel). The 50 dm3 dispenser tanks are mounted on the sides of the planter. The dispenser allows you to deliver the starting dose of mineral fertilizers directly during planting.

The machine can also be equipped with a liquid fertilizer dispenser with a tank capacity of 100 dm3. Spraying nozzles are mounted under the chute pipes. This solution allows the tubers to be sprayed when they fall into the ridges.

Symbol S339 S339/1
Number of rows (pcs)             2
Distance between rows (cm) 67,5 – 80  75 – 90
Distance in row (cm) 17,5 / 19 / 19,5 / 20,5 / 23 / 24,5 / 26 / 27,5 / 30 / 32,5 / 34 / 34,5 / 38 / 40 / 45
Tank capacity (l) 800 870
Machine weight (ridging bodies) (kg) 825 875
Machine weight (ridging discs) (kg) 835 855
Machine weight (ridging discs, attachment for ridge forming) (kg) 985 1020
Power demand (HP) 65 70