Row-crop cultivators Nembus with manual guidance (distance between rows: 45 – 55 cm)

Row-crop cultivator Nembus with manual guidance is designed for mechanical weed control in the cultivation of vegetables, strawberries and maize crops. The guide allows the operator to control the machine's track independently of the tractor. It allows the machine to work as close to the plants as possible without damaging them. The cultivator will work well on all types of soil.

The basic element of the cultivator is a rigid solid frame with the working sections attached. The frame allows inter-row spacing of 45 cm to 55 cm, with a machined inter-row width of 30 cm to 45 cm. An unquestionable advantage of the cultivator is the large height under the frame of up to 60 cm, allowing weeding in the late development of crops, as well as with tall plants. The machine is adapted for aggregation with tractors equipped with Cat II and Cat III suspension systems.

Depending on the crop and intended use, the cultivator can be equipped with a working section with:

  • spring tines with duck foot share,
  • spring tines with duck foot share and string rollers,
  • spring tines with duck foot share and spring tine rake.

Additionally the machine can be equipped with side screens, shielding discs, weeding stars and liquid fertilizer dispenser.  

Symbol P570/1 W P570/2 W P570/3 W
Number of working sections (pcs) 3 4 5
Number of processed rows (pcs) 2 3 4
Working depth (cm) up to 12
Distance between rows (cm) 45 - 55
Width of the tilling inter-row (cm) 30 - 45
Width of the crop (cm) 10 - 25
Abstand Boden-Rahmen (cm) up to 60
Machine weight (working section with spring tines) (kg) 480 570 630
Machine weight (working section with spring tines and string roller) (kg) 530 630 710
Machine weight (working section with spring tines and spring tine rake) (kg) 500 590 650
Power demand (kW / HP) 33 / 45 44 / 60 52 / 70