Rotavators Volans

Rotavators Volans are designed for loosening and mixing the soil without reversing it, for crushing lumps, for cutting weed-out weeds. It can also be used to mix mineral fertilizers with soil on arable and vegetable fields. 

Discs with the knives are mounted on the rotor shaft with interspace of 225 mm.

The frame of rotavator with a specially shaped profile facilitates the flow of the worked soil. On the other hand, an appropriately shaped, adjustable rear cover allows for precise levelling of the field surface and protects against the throwing of processed soil and stones.

A large distance between the knives of the working rotor and the frame facilitates the flow of crushed soil, which has an impact on lower power consumption. In addition, in severe soil conditions, the rotavator doesn't tend to clog.

The working depth (12 cm) is determined by means of side skids.

A very important machine parameter is the rotational speed of the knife shaft, which is 265 rpm

The rotavator is equipped with PTO shaft as a standard.

Symbol U540/9 U540/5 U540/6 U540/7 U540/8
Working width (m) 2,2 2,4 2,6 2,8 3,0
Working depth (cm) to 12
Number of knives (pcs) 60 66 72 78 84
Number of rotors (pcs) 10 11 12 13 14
Distance between rotors (cm) 22,5
Machine weight (kg) 800 850 900 950 1000
Power demand (kW / HP) 66 / 90 80 / 110 95 / 130 110 / 150 125 / 170

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