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We invite you to read about our new machines


Heavy tilling sets of U985 series are machines, which during one passage prepare the soil perfectly for sowing in various soil conditions. Two rows of spring tines ended with wide cultivator points, which are attached to the intermediate frame are the main working components of the unit. Depending on the working width, the units are equipped with 10 tines with the working width respectively of 2.5 m, 12 tines for the unit of 3.0 m and 16 tines for the unit of 4.0 m. By attaching cultivator points on the spring legs, the soil is undercut and well mixed. Through the use of a parallelogram mechanism, the intermediate frame determines precisely the working depth of the tines in relation to the rollers in the range of 2 cm to 12 cm. Lateral deflectors are used in the unit in order to reduce scattering soil beyond the working width of the machine.

Disc ploughs of U040 series have a modular construction, i.e. they have the same structural elements but only differ in the number of bodies - discs and the size of the frame. Mounted ploughs available in our offer include 2-, 3-, and 4-disc ploughs with the working width of 0.6 m, 0.9 m and 1.2 m respectively. Disc ploughs are designed for ploughing on light, medium and heavy soils, are well prepared for operation on stony ground, meadows and wasteland up to 25 cm deep. The plough structure works particularly well in the cultivation of soil covered with plenty of plant remnants, compacted and very humus soils which usually clog mouldboard ploughs.

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